UnStuck 2.0 with Dr. Mcayla


 Past Triggers never help us. Future Triggers do!


When we are triggered the brain doesn't know the difference between past, present and future. Becoming Grounded helps you control triggers in those present moments.

Now, you can take it a step further and develop new positive triggers to control your future circumstances in much the same way.

Many will set personal or career goals that seem doable at one time however, later second guess themselves. The cause of this is our perceptions that change spontaneously and throw us off course. How we respond in every given moment depends on where we are standing which is why learning to be grounded is a crucial skill to learn.
What causes us to be ungrounded are triggers in which we all experience from day to day. When we're triggered we're not present which causes our perception to become skewed. As a result, fear, worry and self doubt stop us from ever reaching those once very do-able goals. Learning to be grounded allows us to re-position ourselves to get back on track but what if we could take this a step further?

While it is a fact that triggers associated from our pasts cause us to automatically respond in the present, so will triggers associated with the future.


The brain doesn’t know the difference between the past, present and future. The majority of our triggers are associated to negative past material. This automatic wired in programming is for our survival and to avoid making the same mistakes. The key is to create new triggers that are associated to positive future material however, this must be wired in because the brain prioritizes survival, not success.
And forming positive triggers are accomplished in the same way negative ones are formed which means working with the one area that is responsible for all of our automatic responses, your subconscious mind. And before doubt enters into your mind let’s look at the logic and how easy this can be utilizing a cutting edge technique and an approach that I’ve personally used as a Certified E.M.D.R. Therapist and Mindset expert in the field of brain training to change 1000’s of lives in much the same way.


When we study, read positive affirmations and engage in traditional talk therapy we often feel better and change behaviors but only for a short time. This is because the data in your subconscious mind strongly disagrees despite what you know logically. This explains why things you know to be true, don’t always feel true.

The technique to changing this simply requires a method of distraction so that new information can be wired in without your subconscious mind pulling the plug before its integrated on a core level. Because let’s face it, we ultimately trust what we feel over what we know but to change this is possible for anyone to do.

This is why I decided to develop a program that mimics the way in which E.M.D.R. integrates information so that what you know also feels true. We do this by creating new narratives however, rather than working with your past as we do in therapy you’ll work instead from a much safer position and working from the opposite direction, your future.


Unstuck 2.0 is a user interactive brain training program based on the concept of E.M.D.R. that you will use to bypass unconscious roadblocks while you develop new positive triggers. As a result, when current associations are made within your environment you’ll automatically respond with the new desired response rather than the doubt, worry, second guessing and responses that typically keep you stuck.

UnStuck 2.0 will help you…

  • Identify Mental Blocks

  • Remove Self Doubt, Fear and Worry

  • Dramatically Improve your Confidence

  • Retrain your Brain to accept NEW possibilities

When you learn to Master your “Brain” you will begin to do things that are part of a powerful Self Defined Guideline.

Here’s what’s included in UnStuck 2.0:

UnStuck 2.0 is an online Brain Training Program that includes audios, videos, worksheets, PDF’s and guided imageries to prep you for the final phase of this training which includes:

A one-of-a-kind Virtual User Interactive Program that you’ll use to install Powerful Traits and eliminate Limiting Beliefs.

Meet Dr. Mcayla
In this module I’ll introduce myself, share my background and expertise and why I’ve dedicated my life to helping people just like you to move beyond those strict “Belief Guidelines” to reach your full potential.

How This Program Works
This section covers how to extract the most value out of this program. I will cover every aspect of the program to prep you for the final installation phase and entering into the Virtual portion of UnStuck 2.0. You will also know what to expect with clear, simple instructions to give you the optimal success for your transformation.

Thoughts and Beliefs
Here is where we start to dig in understanding the difference between thoughts and beliefs.

Core Beliefs & their Origin
Here you will start to identify core beliefs and understand which beliefs are causing you to remain stuck regardless of the many strategies you’ve tried in the past to change them.

Current Challenges Worksheet
In this module we identify specifically YOUR negative beliefs and how you will use this exercise to remove them. Highlights Include:

  • Tap into your most powerful traits by creating your own script based on your beliefs using the included worksheet in this module. 

  • Understand the key connection between past and current beliefs so you can avoid the trap of never reaching your full potential

Installation Safety Resources
In this module you will learn several specific exercises to help you feel at ease as you move forward during the powerful process of re-training your brain. Highlights Include:

  • How to use journal style containment to gain clarity and release all the blocks and fears that stand between you and your ultimate goals

  • Leverage the Centering Exercise to experience a true state of presence which means you can start a lifelong habit to building and strengthening your new found clarity

The “Contain It” Guided Imagery Exercise
A complete walk through of the powerful Contain Exercise that your brain will love doing. This module is all about Mastering Your Brain. Highlights Include:

  • Learn how to contain the useless and repressing data that is in your brain, so you don’t have to fight against it all the time

  • Master your brain by using container techniques that allow the re-wiring of new Positive Beliefs to form without the self sabotaging that causes most to de-rail.

  • Develop controls that bring you full empowerment without having to resort to denial methods

Installation Preparation
You’ll learn an exact formula that integrates with the way your brain communicates and that you’ll need to retrain your brain.

Installation Worksheet & Final Prep
Here you will receive your final steps prior to your virtual program and installations so that you feel confident of what to expect moving forward. You will discover the crucial truth that is the reason so many people get stuck in their lives.

You’ll also dive into the traits that encompass happiness, wholeheartedness and success! Highlights Include:

  • The powerful illusions that keep most stuck.

  • And you’ll overcome your biggest challenges by installing the traits that will benefit your life specifically.

  • Finally, you will begin prepping for your Virtual Program with specifics that fit your life so that you are fully prepared for the amazing changes that will occur. 

  • You’ll prepare to permanently remove the Negative Beliefs that reside in your subconscious as you move closer to the installation phase of your program.

Virtual Program
There are over 11 traits to install to help you overcome any challenge in your life including Courage, Motivation, Confidence, Self-Discipline, and many more…





Here’s What It Will Do For You:

  • The Wall – holds out the overbearing or consistent negative thoughts that you think about on a daily basis

  • The Positive Installer (not displayed) – is pulling out the positive files that get buried under the negative ones

  • The Tunnel (not displayed – helps you look back to find the source of your beliefs

  • The Fireball – helps you eliminate the random negative thoughts that come up when you present your brain with a new positive thought

  • Bi-lateral Rainbow – allows your brain to go into a state, similar to REM sleep, to help you find solutions to problems

 What People Are Saying…

“I took Dr. Mcayla’s advice and was able to retrain my brain, just like I was able to retrain any other part of my body and it was so freeing…” –Renee

We offer the best guarantee ever… if you are not happy with this program, you pay nothing.  You can try UnStuck for 30 days before you have to decide if it’s right for you.  If you’re not happy, just send me an email and we’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.


Get “UnStuck” and learn how to re-train your brain and break free from the mental barriers sabotaging your Success once and for all…


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • UnStuck 2.0 (11) Module Online Brain Training Program. ($997 Value)

  • Step by Step Calendar, Scripts, Videos, Audios, and Worksheets. ($597 Value)

  • Access To 15 Virtual Brain Training Lessons ($4997 Value)

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Get “UnStuck” and learn how to re-train your brain and break free from the mental barriers sabotaging your Success once and for all…

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.  UnStuck 2.0 is a digital product, after you complete the payment, you will get immediate access to the online membership site with all of the course content. Refund not applicable during promotions.


UnStuck 2.0

Experience Dr. Mcayla’s Highly Acclaimed “UNSTUCK 2.0” Virtual Program based on the Concept of EMDR with Bi-lateral Visual Movements to install New Core Beliefs.

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