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Take a moment to read through some of my amazing clients' kind words!

Chalene Johnson

"She’s the best. Period. She won’t let u off the hook. Her gift is God-given and her results speak for themselves."

Daley Erickson

"In a very short amount of time I was getting to the core of what was holding me back in my life. Dr. Mcayla’s techniques worked so fast and I feel like the sky is the limit and nothing can stop me now!"

Jimmy Hayes Nelson

"I just have to brag on Dr Mcayla Sarno for a minute. Having this experience even after a year of being in a Coaching group – I was highly ‘encouraged’ to put this into action. — I can’t even begin to describe the shift in me after a 5 day intensive with Dr Mcayla. I truly struggled with where I found my value … I had a negative belief of ‘I Can’t Win’ … and in 5 amazing days with Dr Mcayla my mantra of ‘I Can Win’ isn’t just lip service – but has shown up in so many areas of my life. Thank You Dr Mcayla. And for those of you on the fence … Go do an intensive! Your world can literally change overnight!
You Have Value!"

Emily Droese

"I did the installation of Confidence last night. Taking it nice and slow and allowing my brain to take in the new information! I had a sense of great feelings in my body. ALSO I realized in the past 2 months I have been doing that are SO simple BUT I never had the confidence to DO THEM and now its with ease.

Dr Mcayla, I truly believe that these installations are allowing me to feel, alive and believe again. I have conquered some major things (mentally) and I can’t wait to see what my future has in store. I’ve been focusing on acceptance and did an in-stallation yesterday! I have noticed that I am a lot calmer and don’t let little things get to as much as other ppl!"

Christine Ryan

"I have been using Dr. Mcayla’s installations of courage and confidence. I was tired of letting my “not good enough emotions pop up out of the blue and something clicked in me. I don’t want to give someone else that power to keep me stuck! I felt accepted, confident and courageous. It was so surprising to me and yet so freeing!! Tonight I was free of the old messages and sadness. You can bet I’m sticking with these installations! Thank you thank you Un-Stuck 2.0!"

Nicole Walters

"Dr. Mcayla changed my life. As a professional public speaker, I was struggling with lifelong anxiety that was affecting my work. Working with Dr. Mcayla not only unlocked the tools for me to perform at my highest level- generating more income and life satisfaction than ever, but positioned me to accomplish lifelong goals without crippling anxiety. I’ve been anxiety free for 6 months- and I know I’m never looking back! She’s a blessing!I hope everyone else is seeing and feeling similar results!"

Maureen Fokos-Williams

"I saw things for the first time in my life with so much clarity and in such a short amount of time!"

Lauren Raskey

"I’m so excited with the changes in my life working with Dr. Mcayla was totally worth it!"

Dedra Gabriel Goodson

"Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my Positive Experience with Dr. Mcayla’s UnStuck 2.0 Program! As I worked through the workbook, I was surprised at one emotion and core belief that came through that process. The typical or normal triggers that would set me off did not affect me whatsoever. I felt accepted and at a total peace inside! Thank you Dr. Mcayla.

I hope everyone else is seeing and feeling similar results!"

Jenn Sanderson Myers

"I have been working diligently to move through a pretty stuck place this past week and a half or so. I think I just hit a stride. For me it has been about – ‘feel it, honor it, redirect it’ to get my body to connect with my mind. Now I am adding the vision/intention part for moving forward. I feel like I made a BIG breakthrough to-night. Wow! The mind is a powerful tool!!!"

Andrea Chasse Galbreath

"Working with Dr Mcayla was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life."



I’d love to hear you! Please feel free to share your own success story as well! I personally read each submission and being able to hear directly from my clients about their own triumps is one of the things that bring me the most joy into my life.